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EER500 Reflections

April 15, 2012

A very difficult subject to complete by distance.  With demanding concepts such as those found within the deep recesses of EER500, I’m definitely an aural learner and need someone to deflect ideas off.  Perhaps that’s why during this subject I often found that I was talking to myself … and often at some considerable length.

Anyway, job done.  This subject has proven that Educational Research is unlikely to figure in my immediate career plans.  However, I have learnt a considerable amount about academic research in the social sciences and have become a more discerning consumer of research generally. 

More than ever, I appreciate the importance of evidence-based practice in education.  The teaching profession is not immune from an apparent pressure to produce quantitative evidence of improvement.  Indeed, the education sector seems to be bearing much of the brunt of this societal mindset at present. 

Teachers and TLs (whose status as essential educators has recently taken a genteel battering from several quarters) in particular, must not be afraid to support nuanced research, whether quantitative or qualitative, for educational efficacy is surely not only measured in facts and figures.  In fact, it could be argued that the attributes of our students not easily measured are those that are the most important: confidence, resilience, optimism, discernment, thoughtfulness, self-worth, adaptability … the list goes on and on …

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