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Assignment 1a

December 29, 2011

Assignment 1a was a little disconcerting.  The early Week 3 deadline was demanding, but that wasn’t the hardest part.  Even though Ass. 1a doesn’t count towards the final mark, it defines the subsequent direction of our assessments.  Bev M. assured us that we didn’t need to submit a perfectly polished piece of work, as refinements would be continually made to our original ideas and research question/s.  However, it was crucial to be as exact as humanly possible and to carefully select the pieces used as a starting point and more importantly, the research articles relied upon.  So, when the going got a little tough and I found myself going around in mental circles, I vacillated between:                                                                                                

  • assuring myself that it didn’t really matter, as this was merely the exploratory stage of the assignment


  • worrying that if I’m not at least close to getting this as ‘right’ as possible, it’s going to be difficult to salvage some clarity from the mire, so that the remainder of the assignment develops and flows logically

In the end, I did the best that I could under the time constraints and was happy with what I submitted.  I believed that my research concept and question, although somewhat inexact and unrefined, outlined a potentially valid piece of useful research.

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