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December 8, 2011

Time to pause the whirlwind that is EER500 for a moment and record some first impressions.

The early deadline on the first day of Week 3 certainly forced me to hit the ground running.  Currently taking a quick break from the copious amounts of reading for the second part of this assignment to ‘break the blog ice’ for this subject.

This is completely different from any of the ETL subjects.  Not surprising, as it’s a general, not specialised educational research subject.  It’s great to meet (at least in a virtual sense) other educators from all sorts of backgrounds and locations – including Tonga, Bulgaria and a rather large cohort of intimidatingly well-credentialled education leaders from Canada.

At the moment I feel that the wonderful Bev M. is gently guiding us by the hand across the treacherous and fathomless depths of academic research.  Whenever I feel like I’m about to go under – Bev’s there with encouragement, logic and wise words. 

I hope that my head’s still above water when I get to the other side …

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