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At the end of Week 12

October 2, 2010

Assignment 2 Thoughts


This week it’s become blindingly obvious that I’m not just a teacher, but definitely a learner as well.  (I like to think this ‘learning phase’ of my life will never actually end, but I just hope that the ‘learning curve’ isn’t always this steep). 

Last night I finally finished writing about the information skills models, Herring’s PLUS, Kuhlthau’s ISP and Eisenberg & Berkowitz’s Big6 for Part A of Assignment 2.  I can attest to the fact that the emotions described by Kuhlthau as a learner applies themselves to an information task are real.  I navigated my way through “uncertainty” and “frustration” as I strived to firstly properly understand the subject matter and then work out how to cram that knowledge into 750 words while seeming intelligent.  If only there had been someone here to ‘scaffold’ for me when I hit my own little “zone of intervention”, I might have reached “clarity” sooner.  Here’s hoping for a “sense of accomplishment” in a few weeks time, at the conclusion of this subject.

As I settle into serious writing mode for the ALIA & ASLA Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians essay, I’ve already marshalled all the resources (well, at least most of them) I believe I’ll require.  This is something I’d done in the past in a much more ad hoc, intuitive way.  It is sinking in.  Having successfully organised myself, I don’t intend on leaving this seat until it’s done. 

Back to it.

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