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At the end of Week 10

September 18, 2010

Assignment 1 Post-Mortem


In the spirit of this being an honest and reflective learning journal, I must make a short comment on my disappointing Assignment One result.

I’ve already traversed all the usual emotions such as ‘What was I thinking, going back to Uni.?’  and, knowing how many demands I have on my time and energy, ‘What more can I give?’

I’ve now come through the doubting process with a couple of resolutions.

In future:     

  •  I’ll make sure I’m right and not just hope for the best (though easier said than done)
  •  I won’t read the minutiae of the forum discussions until after I’ve finished – I can always go back and change  something that is obviously wrong, but the ins and outs of the forums are dizzying at times and ultimately, paralysing
  • I won’t sleep at all for several weeks in order to get all  the reading done.  This mere mortal only managed to get all the essential reading done and most of the recommended reading (and virtually none of the further reading)
  • I won’t do it again –  (i.e. not do well)
  • I’ll work harder and smarter

We’ll see …


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