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At the end of Week 9

September 16, 2010

Initial Thoughts on Topic 5 – Collaborative Practice


Senge (2007) gives us a fascinating insight into the background to the learning organisation, from a business management perspective.  Now I know about the path between invention and innovation, and the part played by component technologies.  Feeling almost able to ‘talk-tech’ with an engineer. 

It was interesting to learn about systems thinking and the place personal mastery can have within a positive work culture exhibiting shared vision.

Senge believes many of the (business-based) principles of the learning organisation can transfer to the education sector.  I’m not so sure that many schools would be able to cope with the sophisticated levels of teamwork required.  It’s ironic that sometimes schools are the least like learning organisations of all.



Senge, P. M.  (2007).  “Give me a lever long enough … and single-handed I can move the world”.  In Jossey-Bass reader on educational leadership (2nd ed.) (pp. 3-15).  San Francisco, CA:  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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