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At the end of Week 8

September 4, 2010

Thoughts on Topic 4 – Information Literacy


As I initially waded through this topic and tried valiantly to get my head around all the terminology, reading Linda Langford’s article, Information Literacy, A Clarification made me feel that it was OK to be confused!  Langford was working as a TL and performing various functions for ASLA when she wrote this article in 1998.  It is a great summary of the plethora of definitions of the term, information literacy.  In her Introduction, Langford writes:  “However, one could just as easily come through the research  and still be asking, ‘What is it I am trying to understand, let alone teach?’ ”

Looking at the various information models helped me ‘get my head around’ information literacy and the summary at: was particularly helpful (despite the fact that many of the links to specific sites are broken).  The models began to clarify how a TL might ‘do’ information literacy.

When looking at specific websites for various models, I was impressed by the sheer scope and range of Eisenberg and Berkowitz’s The Big6 website at:

Although the system has been criticised for being overly-commercial, there are many resources freely available on this site.

It was then fascinating to read how the convergence of information and digital literacies has been managed in many schools systems.  I found the American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) Standards for the 21st-century Learner (2007), particularly impressive, more than earning its high status as a document that helps all TLs move into the future with confidence.  This is available as a download at:

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