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At the end of Week 1

July 19, 2010

Each week I’ll be reviewing the learning activities I’ve completed during the week and posting a summary of my thoughts and conclusions.

  • I’ve joined the ranks of bloggers.  Already I can see how a ‘library blog’, subscribed to by members of a school community, could be a very powerful tool for advertising the various activities and scope of a school library.  Looking forward to tracing the development of my ideas about Teacher Librarianship over time.  Also anticipating following the blogs of other ETL401 students, searching for consensus, support, illumination and points of difference.

Thoughts on Topic 1 – School Libraries in Australia

  • Resource-based learning is something I knew about from my recent teacher training – but it was never called this.  Rather terms such as ‘rich’ and ‘engaging’ learning experiences were used – especially in the Quality Teaching context.  The concept seems the same – putting the student at the centre of learning, able to freely use various resources (with the guidance and facilitation of a teacher) to aid meaningful discovery.  Some of the challenges for the TL in this learning model are the age-old battles for time, (professional) recognition and crucially, resources themselves.



NSW DET (2003).  Quality teaching in NSW public schools discussion paper.  NSW Department of Education and   Training.  Sydney:  NSW 


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