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Vampire-free Zone?

July 15, 2010

I recently heard a lovely story about a smart young girl who is a family friend of my sister.  A voracious reader, she popped into a bookshop for something new and asked the assistant, “Do you have any books for teenage girls without vampires in them?”  Not sure what the answer was!

As the mother of a young teen who is, as I write this, at the movies seeing ‘Eclipse’ for the second time, I wonder when the Meyer fascination will end.  My daughter’s English teacher thinks her vocabulary might benefit from reading some classics like Dickens and Salinger.  I thought I must have grown a second head when I mentioned this to my daughter, such was the ‘look’ I received!  As much as I want my daughter to love the books I loved while growing up, such an intense relationship can’t be imposed.  I suppose all my husband and I can do is continue making good books available i.e. leave them lying around, and hope that one day she’ll pick one up for more than 5 minutes!

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